Shelli Spiritwalker offers a variety of different healing treatment modalities and energetic work. In many cases, a wide variety of techniques will be utilized in any given session to tailor the session to your unique needs and provide a truly customized session. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about our therapies when scheduling your appointment.

A minimum of 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Full payment is due for last minute cancellations and forgotten appointments. To schedule please call 720-432-2772.


Gentle, yet powerful, reiki can be used safely for any condition. The practitioner works with the bodies energy systems to balance and revitalize the body, spirit, heart and emotions. Reiki is excellent for both pain and stress relief.

60 minutes: $100.00 / 75 minutes: $125.00 /  90 minutes: $150.00

Distance Reiki Healing:

Reiki energy can be sent over long distance with very beneficial effects to the receiver. If you can not come to my studio, or live in another location this is a great option.

60 minutes – $90.00 / 75 minutes: $115 / 90 minutes: $140.00

Pet Reiki:
Pets will often receive Reiki much faster than humans and they decide the length of the session. Excellent for injuries, post surgery, and stress.


Crystal Healings

Crystals are gifts form the earth and posess powerful healing energies. A crystal healing combines the laying of various crystals on the body, with reiki and other healing energies. An excellent therapy for clearing away mental/emotional stress, grounding, opening the heart and feeling centered.

60 minutes: $100.00

Chakra and Aura Balancing

A variety of energy techniques are used to clear and balance your energy field. Excellent for keeping your personal space clear.

60 minutes: $100.00

Intuitive Readings & Mediumship

Shelli offers intuitive readings as an add on to bodywork sessions, or independent of them. Readings are soul to soul with the intention to connect with your higher self. Readings can include card reading, chakra scanning, past life experiences,and communication with passed loved ones among a variety of other techniques. Shelli read trends, synchronicities, and omens to help determine themes, energetic influences, and likely probable outcomes based on archetypal influences and the current state of affairs in a given situation. Information you receive in readings may change based on different choices, decisions, and actions taken. Do not hesitate to ask questions or get more information when scheduling your appointment.

15 minutes: $65 / 30 Minutes: $100.00 / 60 minutes: $175.00

Stress and Emotional Clearing

This is an excellent treatment if you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions and stress. Shelli excels at connecting to, and then clearing overwhelming emotions and stress that can become stuck in the body and energy field. A combination of energetic and intuitive bodywork techniques are utilized depending on the needs of the client.

2 hours: $225.00

Soul Healing

A three hour session to clear your energy and auric fields, and revitalize your connection to your soul. A variety of massage, energy and healing modalities listed above are combined and tailored to meet the need of the client. Excellent after a major life stress or transition, also great to let go of old baggage that no longer serves your highest potential.

3 hours: $325.00

House Clearing and Blessing

A perfect way for a new home to be cleansed of old energy and blessed for new owners. Also an excellent way to uplift the energy of an existing home at any time, especially during times of transition or after highly charged emotional events have taken place. Shelli is an ordained minister and uses a variety of techniques to acheive the maxium results when cleansing and blessing your home. You will recieve a Certificate of House Blessing following your sacred house blessing ceremony to mark your home as having been cleansed and blessed.

One session: $150.00 – $300.00 (depending on square footage)